MICTORY Ltd. is a Sino-Danish partner company, established in 2016 to improve performance management in foreign-owned companies in China, and to enable secure, cost-efficient supply chain setup between China and Europe.


SØREN B. JENSEN, Managing Director, founder

  • 17 years experience in global business and intercultural management in China in purchasing, development, and general management.
  • Past 4 years as company owner and consultant.
  • Broad range of management experience within different businesses has provided a foreign-local perspective on most challenges which companies may face doing business or operating in China.

EVA WANG, Partner

  • 10 years working experience as team leader at Bestseller, project manager at Al Jaber and latest GM in a Danish trading company.
  • In possession of very strong management problem solving and negotiation skills, with a strong focus on performance, team, and supplier control.


  • 7 years work experience in international corporations, and 3 years working with cultural business challenges.
  • Works with integrity and a driven problem solver in a variety of challenges.

SØREN NIEBUHR, Associate Partner

  • 17 years experience in Chinese business, living 4 years in China setting up manufacturing site from green field.
  • Extensive experience in management, sourcing, manufacturing and business development.
  • Strong analytical and cultural management skills, M.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering and MBA.

JESPER UHRE LARSEN, Associate Partner

  • 17 years management experience in International Wind Power Industry as General Manager.
  • Extensive knowledge and network in metals and steel industry, sourcing and business development.